California Tool & Welding Supply opened its door in 1976 offering unparalleled service of quality products at reasonable rates. Robert C. Craig (Bob Jr.) and Rick Davis started the business out of a wooden shed on a dusty sand lot with a few bottles of compressed gases, an oxygen cascade system, and a small selection of hard goods. The motto of the business was .Service only a family owned and operated business can supply., which is still supported today by the company.s surviving family members.

Hard work coupled with fierce determination lead to several strong relationships with locals businesses that helped permanently root California Tool & Welding Supply in the Riverside and San Bernardino areas. Bob Jr. and Rick were later joined by Bob Sr. after selling his welding supply company in Duarte. Together the three partners built the solid foundation that California Tool & Welding Supply stands upon today.

Many years later that dusty sand lot is still home to Cal Tool.s corporate office. Of course we now have a few more buildings on the lot and a lot less, if any, vacant land. In addition we now have multiple retail locations covering eight counties across Southern California and Southern Nevada. We were fortunate to acquire an acetylene plant from the Hawaiian Islands and have expanded our product offerings to our cliental through Microbulk technology and Beverage services.

Our families have survived many tragedies along the way, and although the original three owners are no longer with us, we still run the company with their truest intentions at heart. We strive to continue to provide unparalleled service of quality products at reasonable rates.

We have appreciated your patronage and friendships along the way and look to the future for many new relationships and mutually beneficial business partners.